An Air Force Academy sergeant was sentenced Monday to three years in prison for eight counts of assault but acquitted of attempted murder during a court-martial at the school.

Staff Sgt. Mariano L. Jackson of the 10th Surgical Operations Squadron, which includes troops at the academy’s hospital, was also convicted of two counts of failing to properly register his firearms with base authorities, according to a Wednesday news release.

He was acquitted of two counts of communicating a threat.

After serving three years in a military lockup, Jackson will receive a bad-conduct discharge.

Jackson, who joined the Air Force in 2014, was accused of a series of assaults between 2016 and 2019, most of which involve a victim described as his “intimate partner.”

Charges against Jackson were issued in May.

The academy redacted the victim’s name from court papers in the case.

Several of the charges stem from a single incident on April 24. Prosecutors claim Jackson confronted his partner with a firearm, grabbed and choked her before covering her mouth and nose with his hands, court papers say.

Prosecutors contended that the incidents took place at the academy, which includes neighborhoods of military housing for troops at the school.

The three years Jackson was sentenced to are likely more than he would have faced in civilian courts in Colorado, where most domestic violence assaults carry a two-year maximum term.

Jackson faced eight years in prison on the attempted murder charge alone.

Gazette reporter Liz Henderson contributed to this report.

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