An Air Force Academy football player accused of using cocaine has pleaded guilty, the school announced Thursday.

Cadet Kyler Ehm was charged with four counts of cocaine use, a charge his lawyers denied in a preliminary hearing last fall. A Kansas native, Ehm played in 10 games as a defensive lineman for the Falcons, recording a single tackle.

He will serve two months in the Teller County jail and will be discharged by the academy, according to a spokesman. He was booked into the jail Tuesday night after his plea, according to jail records. Ehm faced a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

Additionally, he was sentenced to a forfeiture in pay of $700 a month for four months. He will also have a federal drug conviction on his record, the academy said.

Ehm was the third Falcons football player to face cocaine charges after a 2019 investigation. He was charged after other cadets accused the defensive lineman of using cocaine and at least one witness got a reduced sentence on their own drug charges.

The government’s star witness is former Falcons fullback Cole Fagan, who in September pleaded guilty to cocaine use and got a 15-day sentence at a court-martial where he faced a maximum prison term of five years.

Civilian defense attorney Ernesto Gapasin last fall argued that Ehm was a victim of testimony offered by witnesses desperate to give prosecutors damning information on others in exchange for plea deals.

“You wouldn’t find a single witness out there who would say Kyler Ehm is anything but a good-natured young man,” Gapasin said.

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