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The sleeper flavor in warm potato and almond soup is roasted garlic — and plenty of it.

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Potato soup is one of the warmest hugs your kitchen can offer, and this seems a fine time to send forth a few. This recipe is inspired by the blond almond gazpachos of Spain, which are typically served chilled or at room temperature.

But this soup is pureed as smooth as velvet and served warm. It starts with an easy sheet pan roasting of the vegetables, and a quick hot soak for the nuts. The sleeper ingredient is garlic.

A splash of cider vinegar wakes up the mix. No broth or dairy is used, which is kind of great, because that gives the soup a few extra days of refrigerated shelf life. (I have kept this one on hand for five days, to no ill effect.)

It is also easy on the budget; it works with russet potatoes as well as yellow-fleshed ones. You could toss a handful of toasted almonds or croutons or pine nuts on top, or slurp the soup from a cup while you read a good book. Sighing now.


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