Cindy Reiman is on a mission to get Colorado Springs excited about wine.

“It’s more than just a drink, wine is an adventure,” said the owner of local beverage boutique The Wine Gallery. “You can explore the world from your dining room table.”

From the rich aromas to the intriguing flavors and varying colors, wine can be as diverse as it is delicious, and from her spot on Delmonico Drive, Reiman is bringing a fresh perspective to our wine and spirits community.

“We focus on supporting the smaller, family owned vineyards and building a well-curated and interesting selection of hard-to-find wines,” she said. The Wine Gallery is far from big box, but that doesn’t mean shoppers should expect sticker shock: “Affordable wines can be delicious, and fancy labels don’t always mean it’s going to be a great wine. We’ll help you find what fits you best. It’s exciting to help our customers discover a variety of wines and what suites their palate.”

Customer service comes first at The Wine Gallery, with knowledgeable staff on hand to help simplify the selection process and demystify the world of wine. “Wine is a beautiful thing, it shouldn’t be intimidating and pretentious. We know every palate is different and we care about every bottle that goes out the door,” Reiman said. “For the growers and wine makers, it’s an art and a science because you can’t control nature, but there is absolutely an expertise. It’s interesting to see what truly unique wines they are able to develop.”

The Wine Gallery offers a 6 for $60 mix-and-match special, with more than 90 domestic and international wines to choose from. “It’s a great way to explore new wines without breaking the bank,” Reiman said.

The Wine Gallery has been open for a year and a half, and support has poured in. “We are grateful for the enthusiasm from the community,” Reiman said. The Wine Gallery has become a hub for enthusiasts and novices alike, creating a warm, inviting home for wine lovers. “We look forward to sharing wines with Colorado Springs for the next 50 years.”

Pikes Peak Newspapers, Editor

Hannah Blick has lived in the Pikes Peak region for six years. She studied journalism at Kansas State University and enjoys biking, skiing and hiking in the Rockies.

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