The buzz around Kevin Bacon last summer was undeniable.

Once people learned he was in Colorado Springs, they scrambled to meet him. Some walked by him on downtown sidewalks. Others found him in more rugged environments - at the top of the Manitou Incline. A woman there took a photo with him and it went viral on Facebook.

For others, though, working with the celebrity was just another day on the job.

"At first you're excited about who you're meeting," said Alison Smith, the assistant makeup artist on "Cop Car," starring Bacon, "but at the end of the day they're just a person and you're just doing your job."

Aside from yelling at some chatty people off-set to be quiet on their first day of filming, Bacon was just a professional who was good at his job, said Ty Klocke, the one-man sound department on the film.

"There's a bit of a learning curve with a personality like that. Just the way they carry themselves," he said. "Kevin's among the 20 most famous people in the world. Everybody knows who he is. The biggest thing I was surprised at is how he was just a guy working. He has been in so many movies. You look up to him as a professional more than a celebrity."

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Klocke had a few opportunities to chat with the actor, but for fear of coming off as an adoring fan ("I loved you in 'Tremors!'"), they mostly talked about Colorado and their shared passion for music.

"He's come here quite a bit in the past with The Bacon Brothers band," Klocke said. Bacon and his brother played on the top of Pikes Peak for a cancer charity in 2009. "He loves it here. He's a big fan of the outdoors and hiking. He's a very fit guy. He said that (the Manitou Incline) kicked his (expletive). He did North Cheyenne CaΓ±on, and I want to say he did the Seven Bridges Trail. He talked about how fortunate we are to have the access we do."

Bacon's wife, Kyra Sedgwick, paid her husband a visit on set. "She was so nice," Klocke said. "She introduced herself to everybody on set. They were so cute together, holding hands, all kissy."

The whole experience was a lesson in the power of celebrity, Klocke said. Though the crew wasn't bothered much during shoots outside of Fountain, crowds of fans jostled to get an autograph or a photo with Bacon when they got to town. He knows the movie star was probably the main draw, but believes there's still something to be said for the power of movies.

"I think there's this charm to movie magic," he said. "What you see on the screen is such a small part of everything that went into it. There's this mystique to it. It's a fundamental humanistic thing of storytelling. We all want to be told stories. We all want to live our lives vicariously through these on-screen people."

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