Mount Democrat. Photo: Parker Seibold, The Gazette.

Mount Democrat. Photo: Parker Seibold, The Gazette.

A petition has been launched following the announced ban of hiking on multiple popular mountains in Colorado. The ban follows the death of Senate Bill 103, which would have bolstered liability protection of landowners who open up their property for recreational use.

This liability concern stems from a 2019 decision that found the Air Force Academy liable in a mountain bike accident that took place when a biker hit a sinkhole on a washed out trail.

With the recent failure of the bill, the landowner of property on Mount Democrat and Mount Lincoln decided to close the property to the public.

The petition created as a response makes the plea for the Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee to reconsider their decision on the bill.

Since its creation, more than 100 people have signed.

Find the petition here.

Spencer McKee is OutThere Colorado's Director of Content and Operations, often found reporting on outdoor recreation news. In his spare time, Spencer loves to hike, rock climb, and trail run. Find him on Twitter at @spencemckee