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A bull moose walks toward the road before sauntering across and disappearing behind a hill on the other side at Guanella Pass on Oct. 6.

A moose roams through a meadow Friday, May 29, 2021, in Teller County. (Video by Nathan VanDyne)

Colorado wildlife officials are warning trail goers of moose, elk and deer after two close encounters resulted in injuries just days apart.

On May 29 in Steamboat Springs, a man "was knocked over on his back and stomped by a cow moose with two calves," Colorado Parks and Wildlife recounted in a recent press release. The man was said to have suffered minor injuries.

On June 6 in Evergreen, another man was sent to the hospital to have his hip examined following reports of a cow elk charging people. CPW said other "aggressive behavior" has been noted in Estes Park elk.

"Although both incidents were not believed to be sparked by irresponsible behavior," the press release read, "they do serve as examples that wildlife are just that, wild, and they can act in unpredictable ways."

That's especially the case this time of year, when the mammals are roaming with newborn calves and fawns. The young are typically born at the end of May or early June.

“Cows will be exhibiting normal protective behavior” this month, wildlife officer Tim Woodward said in the release. “Give wildlife extra space. Be sure to keep dogs on leashes. Dogs can trigger aggressive behavior and both moose and elk will chase a dog right back to their owner, presenting a dangerous situation.”

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