Make healthy green chile stew using convince products

Make green chile chicken stew easily with store-bought convenience products.

Since it looks like we’ll be sticking closer to home for a while, you might want to add some more recipes to your collection. Consider this one, which has become a go-to for me: green chile chicken stew.

Besides warming the tummy on a chilly day, the chile has capsaicin — an antioxidant in peppers — which research suggests may help combat inflammation and tumors as well as help control blood-glucose levels, protecting against both diabetes and obesity.

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Another bonus is, if you’re experimenting with new seasonings and want to cut down on salt, then two other ingredients, dried chile and black pepper, are healthier ways to add flavor to meals.

On top of that, the stew is delicious, super easy and fast. Be forewarned, though: the recipe makes a lot. Plan on dividing it into smaller portions to freeze, inviting a few friends over or gifting some of it to a neighbor.

Let’s break down the main ingredients. You’ll need a jar of green chile, and we recommend Hatch Valley 505 Flame Roasted Green Chile. The chile is good on its own, folded into scrambled eggs, made into a filling with cheese for omelets or used as a condiment on everything.

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For the shredded cooked chicken, just pick up a rotisserie chicken. Have it for dinner one night, then use the leftover meat in the stew. Another option is buying hand-pulled chicken breast meat, which I get at Costco. You might have to do a little more shredding of the chicken as some chunks are too big to add as they are. The store breaks down and repackages rotisserie chickens that have not been sold; early-bird shoppers can grab packages of roasted chicken thighs and drumsticks.

Uncooked flour tortillas are the pièce de resistance of the meal. Costo sells organic Tortilla Fresca, which cook in 20 to 30 seconds on a hot griddle or skillet and puff up into a blistered pillow of deliciousness. They are the perfect addition to this very soul-satisfying dinner. You can also search for other brands of uncooked tortillas online.

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To make the stew, sauté a large chopped yellow onion in vegetable oil in a large pot until translucent. Add a 14.5-ounce can of Muir Glen Fire Roasted whole tomatoes with the juice. Add the one 15-ounce jar of green chile and a pound of shredded chicken. Heat through and serve with hot, fresh tortillas. Serves eight to 10.

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