Long weekend ahead for triskaidekaphobiacs?


If you didn't make those reservations you meant to set in stone months ago, or if you're still scrambling for the perfect Valentine's Day gift, good luck.

It's Friday the 13th.

It's not a good year for paraskevidekatriaphobiacs - those who fear Friday the 13th - as the beleaguered holiday no one can ever seem to get just right falls immediately after the superstitious' nightmare.

How many ill-timed proposals will fail? How many will succumb to speeding tickets and fender benders on the way to the big date poorly planned for Friday evening?

It's hard to tell. Harder, still, to blame any potential tragedies specifically on the date.

But luckily for Colorado businesses, people here seem to keep their wits about them, even with so much potentially at stake.

The Rabbit Hole in downtown Colorado Springs has twice as many reservations than a normal Friday, manager Matt Campana said.

"I would say that it hasn't had an effect really," he said.

People running away for the weekend to relax at Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort don't seem to be thinking about it either, according to manager Amanda Krost. They're all booked up.

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Maybe people are just unaware?

"I don't know if a lot of people have realized that it's Friday the 13th," she said. "I think Valentine's Day and the President's Day holiday is overpowering that in a sense."

The confluence of the superstitious date and the holidays happens every few years. It occurred in 2009 and will repeat in 2026.

Those whose luck turns sour on Friday and those recognizing Singles Awareness Day or wishing friends a Happy Unvalentine's Day have a chance for fun, though. Thunder & Buttons in Old Colorado City is holding an anti-Valentine's Day bash Saturday night with drink specials and karaoke starting at 9.

No love songs allowed.


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