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Author and musician Eileen Meyer, who considers herself “an experiencer,” is the keynote speaker at this year’s Southern Colorado on Conscious Living and Dying.

When somebody name- drops the classic 1999 sci-fi thriller “The Matrix” in conversation, you know you’re about to move beyond the daily grievances of life.

Eileen Meyer is an “experiencer,” a word she uses for someone who’s gone beyond what most of us have been told and taught about reality and consciousness.

“I like to refer to Neo in ‘The Matrix.’ It’s like taking a red pill. You get disconnected from the matrix you’re in,” Meyer said from her home in Washington state. “He could see he’d been living within a limited structure and discovered he was more than that. That’s what an experiencer is.”

Meyer is the keynote speaker at this year’s Southern Colorado Conference on Conscious Living and Dying. She and fellow speaker Eduardo Griego will explore the theme “The Sound of Truth: Recalling Our Power and Purpose.” The event is Saturday at Rawlings Public Library in Pueblo.

The former rock ‘n’ roll musician is an experiencer from way back, maybe from birth. Her first childhood memory is of angel-like beings — tall and filled with golden white light — visiting her at age 5 or 6. They didn’t scare her; she’d cry when she knew they were leaving. They didn’t speak in any “normal” way, but she could easily understand what they wanted her to know.

“The universe speaks in frequency. Some people call it telepathy, but I don’t identify with that,” said Meyer. “It’s just resonance. As a musician, I know it to be true. It‘s more like music than language and words.”

Meyer soon learned that other people weren’t entertaining such unusual visitors, and hearing about them made folks uncomfortable, especially her mom. So she internalized the experiences. The beings went away. They returned in her pre-teen and teenage years, though, when her fear had lessened and she could download their messages.

She hopes to convey that information at the conference: There is more to life than people have been told, reality is changing and its inhabitants are evolving.

“Experiencers are taken out of consensus reality and get to experience directly vibrational love and truth that resonates in our being and reminds us of our divinity beyond organized religion or terms we relate to. The messages have always revolved around: This is who you are and who humanity is. You don’t have to stay in a limited perception or view. You can transform your consciousness.”

Meyer said millions of experiencers like her are out there. They haven’t all had contact with nonhuman intelligence. But they’ve had other unusual experiences that popped them out of the matrix, so to speak, such as a near-death episode, a kundalini awakening, mystical meditations and encounters with a psychoactive plant medicine. Ayahuasca, anyone?

Meyer said coming out about her atypical experiences was challenging, but she hopes it will encourage others to get over the fear and stigma of such events and share what they’ve learned.

“The common thread is consciousness expanded, remembering we’re connected with the natural world, the universe. Life is so much more than we think.”

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