For as long as she can remember, Kristin Taylor has been sensitive to energies and spirits.

As a little kid, she could sense how somebody was feeling, if her parents had been fighting and whether there were deceased spirits in a building.

Unsurprisingly, she kept it all a secret. Her fifth-generation Ellicott family was ultra-religious, so it seemed safer to swallow the unreality of her reality. But, as secrets tend to do, it only got bigger and less manageable.

“It was overwhelming,” says Taylor by Skype from London, where she’s lived for a number of years. “It felt like I was part of a whole other world. I had a lot of fear around it. It was really lonely.”

After graduating from Doherty High School, she studied French and studio art at Colorado College before attending Tulane Law School in New Orleans. Through it all, her sense of the unseen never went away. It continued to flourish under the surface, and present in perpetual headaches and other challenges, such as her living situations. Energies in her CC residence hall kept her up at night, as did living in The Big Easy, where the city’s rich history meant an overload of energies for Taylor’s psychic soul.

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After moving to London with her now ex-husband, she finally took steps to explore and take charge of what she could feel, but not name. Eventually, she enrolled in London’s College of Psychic Studies to learn about and communicate with angels and archangels.

“Maybe it’s part of my religious upbringing. I love it,” she says. “It was a turning point, as far as starting to be in control with my gifts, instead of having them run all over the place.”

Through all of her spiritual studies, she worked full time as a corporate lawyer, a career field she was initially drawn to for its groundedness and stability. Those qualities now spill over into her spiritual work, giving her a steady, no-nonsense vibe, even as she works in areas many might deem woo-woo.

Nowadays, Taylor is a full-time healer who offers online healing sessions to clients around the world, and to those who visit her clinic in a London department store spa. She teaches classes online and in-person on how to connect with and channel angelic energies, and this year released a book, “A Practical Guide to Ascension with Archangel Metatron.” And she still puts that studio art degree to use by creating spiritual oil paintings and exhibiting them around London.

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Taylor also is a medical intuitive, meaning she can tune in to somebody’s body and sense any physical energies that have gone astray. She’s not an “MRI machine,” she says, and won’t diagnose anything, but she can help those with known complaints, such as the woman who came to her with terrible back pain, and had to lie on the floor for several hours every day.

“I scanned her back, and there were issues with her dad present. It was old unresolved energy from childhood,” she says. “We worked together to release the energies with the healing I do. She got 50 percent improvement from one session. Other clients have had 100 percent improvement.”

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Many problems, says Taylor, are due to stuck energies. She cites back problems as often the result of a lack of support; issues with the heart can be about giving and receiving love, while digestion is about not digesting life, and being scared and anxious.

She’s also a proponent of energetic botox, which might earn her a contemplative brow furrow.

“We can talk to the body intuitively and help the body look younger,” she says. “We age because we’re told we have to and are supposed to, but the body can rejuvenate. People might not look 16, but they look really good. It can help stop menopausal symptoms in people when they can talk to the body in an energetic way and intuitively connect. You can make good changes.”

Contact the writer: 636-0270

Contact the writer: 636-0270

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