Home maintenance and repairs are among the most unpredictable costs for homeowners. The amount you can anticipate spending depends on the age and condition of your home, appliances and systems — as well as where you live. Experts recommend you be prepared to spend 1 percent to 2 percent of your home value each year.

Now Porch, which matches homeowners and home-services providers, analyzed average maintenance costs in every ZIP code to determine where costs are highest and how people spend home-maintenance money in each area.

The national average home maintenance spending per year is $16,000, it found.

The locations Porch found with the highest annual spending are: New Jersey, $18,151; Washington, D.C., $18,119; Connecticut, $17,782; Maryland, $17,699; and Massachusetts, $17,461.

Colorado came in above average at $16,432. The state with the lowest annual maintenance spending was Mississippi at $14,890, followed by West Virginia ($15,068) and Arkansas ($15,115).

Porch’s study also looked at some of the more expensive home-maintenance tasks and estimated how much you’d need to save and spend on those items. Among the most expensive are repairing a subfloor and repairing water damage.

The 80108 ZIP code in Castle Rock is Colorado’s most expensive to maintain a home at $21,506 annually. The least expensive is 81641 in Meeker, which carries a price tag of $12,607.

To see where your ZIP code ranks, go to porch.com/resource/cost-of-home-maintenance-in-america.

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