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Today's active families need to design their homes around their passions.

Our state offers many exciting opportunities for active living, but how do you incorporate those passions into your daily life and home? Whether it’s hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking or any number of sports and pastimes, Tricia Turk of Turk Interiors has solutions to help you design your home around your passions.

Storage solutions

It’s important to find a place to keep your gear that is out of the way but easy to access. If you’re building a home, you have a lot more options for where to place your new storage area, and for different amenities you want within it.

“If you’re specific about your type of activity, then you can customize your cabinets and storage accordingly. That way it keeps it nice and organized but yet out of sight,” says Turk. She recommends a walk-in, pantry-style mudroom, where gear can be dropped off in its own space.

When you’re building, it’s the details that make the difference.

“The flooring is key, so that you’re not tracking lots of dirt or water inside, so something that’s easy to maintain for flooring. There’s a lot of LVT products on the market that have that look of wood or ceramic tile, so it can give a very luxurious feel but very maintenance-free, says Turk.

Even if you can’t construct the perfect space, mindful planning can help you create a great storage space. Unused rooms and areas can be repurposed as storage areas for your gear with just an afternoon of reorganization.

“Some houses have an extended garage, and if that could be closed off to a walk-in storage unit, that works great,” Turk says. “Another area is in your kitchen, where obviously you wouldn’t store your ski boots and things but maybe your Hydro Flasks and kitchen things like that that can be incorporated into your cabinetry.”

Preserving memories

“When you’re an adventure-type person, it’s all about the memories that you make and preserving those memories, and that’s a key element to that lifestyle,” says Turk.

Turk talks about a recent project she worked on to incorporate memories into a design.

“I did a project this past winter where a real adventure young couple were really into hiking. They did have a lot of photographs of themselves and the actual adventures that they went on, so I did a gallery wall. We selected the best photos, a combination of them in the photos and the scenery, and we did canvas art. We printed those on canvases, and hung a gallery wall. We were careful to mix black and whites with color to make a good composition.”

Rather than keeping your photos in drawers or your keepsakes cluttered on shelves, explore different ways to display them that will allow you and your guests to engage with the pieces.

“Another great way to showcase things like that is a coffee table book. There’s so many online companies where you can make a beautiful hardcover, even a leather-bound book of your adventures,” says Turk.

“You can have that sit on your coffee table, people can look at it, you can look at it, and it’s not a lot of picture frames sitting out on a table.”

Delightful decor

When deciding on art for a new space, it can be difficult to know where to start. Depending on your passion, consider collecting antique skis, bike equipment or other gear for your walls. Explore online for prints, sculptures and other pieces that remind you of days spent in the outdoors doing what you love.

“It really depends on where you travel and what you do,” Turk says. “I’ve had clients that love pottery, and so they’ll pick and ship something back that can’t fit in their suitcase, but they’ll have it shipped back. Even a beautiful carpet, a small area rug, or something that you can remember a trip by.

Colorado is home to several mountain towns nearby to popular recreation areas. Stop by one of these areas and do some window shopping at the local shops, where you may find the perfect piece of art to capture your memories of the day.

“A lot of places have beautiful galleries,” Turk says. “You may find they have beautiful mountain scenery, and you’re at the art gallery on their main scene and a local artist has painted that. You can’t replicate that necessarily in a photograph, so buying from a local artisan is perfect.”

For collectors of antiques, Turk says there is no reason your treasured items should be hidden away in a closet.

“You can hang them on the walls as art, you can do it at the end of a hallway to add interest, you can mix it in with your gallery art wall, there’s so many ways. Even if you did the walk-in pantry-type closet for gear, you could even use a ski as a handle on the door. Or a handle is mounted on the ski, so the ski is the back-plate.”

Find Turk Interiors online at turkinteriors.com or call 445-2119.

Kate Powell is a recent graduate from the University of Denver, having studied Journalism and Socio-Legal Studies. She self identifies as a writer and a pet mom, and joined the Gazette Features staff in 2019.

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