While many bemoan society’s relentless addiction to cellphones and digital technology, one Australian man believes in the media’s power to connect us.

International speaker and storyteller Cameron Brown spent the past 18 months working with more than 80 strangers from 40 countries to create a music video to his song “There is Still Time.” He did it all through the power of technology, including navigating a grand piano to the middle of Garden of the Gods at sunrise one April morning. Video of him playing and singing in the grandiose location is featured in the video. It’s available on his Facebook page at: facebook.com/askcameronbrown.

“The project is a symbol of hope or inspiring people to realize they can make a difference,” said Brown, a soon-to-be Denver resident. “It’s also meant to be a representation of when you use your unique talents and strengths combined with technology, you’re able to make an impact or difference in the way only you can.”

Brown found many of his participating musicians through social media, and he asked each to record themselves or have someone else record them in an area of their country that they felt represented their home or would inspire people.

“I wanted to show how technology has gotten a bad rap about creating anxiety and disconnection among people,” Brown said. “I wanted to show that’s not necessarily the case. We can use it to speed up the rate at which we feel more connected.”

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