Dating website LuvByrd targets outdoor enthusiasts
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All sorts of online dating sites exist, but Mike Keshian couldn't find one that catered to people who loved the outdoors. So he created one -

And it's not just for fans of the typical outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping and skiing. Interested singles also can indicate their interest in finding companions who love concerts, amusement parks, patio lounging, making snow angels, having snowball fights and more.

Keshian, founder and CEO of LuvByrd, was living in Crested Butte and not having much luck finding potential dates to join him for his favorite outdoor activities. And then he stumbled on

"I thought if there was a website for that, then why couldn't there be one for people who love the outdoors," he said.

So Keshian, 32, got to work. The free site launched in mid-2014 and, while most of its users are in the Denver area (5 percent are in Colorado Springs), he hopes to expand the reach into the Pikes Peak region and eventually around the country.

LuvByrd works much like other dating websites, including OkCupid, which Keshian used as inspiration. Participants register, fill out the usual information and answer a few questions, including, "My craziest outdoor adventure was ..." and "What's the one thing on your bucket list you'd like to try tomorrow?" 

Finally, users can select from a range of favorite summer and winter outdoor activities and check off which, if any, Colorado ski resorts are a favorite.

The site already has ignited some love matches, said Keshian, who occasionally receives emails from folks asking to cancel their accounts because they're dating somebody they met on the site.

Enjoy the free matchmaking while you can, though. He intends to charge a small fee as soon as the site racks up 10,000 users.

"If people are willing to pay $9.99 a month for Netflix, surely they'll be willing to pay $9.99 at the chance to find love," Keshian said.

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