Colorado wildflower app makes outdoor identification easy
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Part of the allure of being outdoors in Colorado is the magnificent array of wildflowers found in the Rockies. With a new interactive app for smart phones and tablets, users easily can identify species while enjoying nature.

Colorado Rocky Mountain Wildflowers, released by High Country Apps, includes more than 500 wildflowers, trees, shrubs and ferns commonly found in the high country.

The app provides photos and illustrations accompanied by distinctive field marks, preferred habitats and information about the plant's ecology and cultural use.

'The app has a great search function in which you describe the type of plant, the petal/fruit color, flower shape, fruit/seed shape, leaf shape, leaf arrangement, leaf/stem texture, plant size, habitat type, elevation, flowering time, and even its origin (if it's native or invasive), ' Elevation Outdoors writer Rob Coppolillo said.

Al Schneider, a resident of Lewis, and Whitney Tilt and Katie Gibson, both from Bozeman, Mont., developed the app, which is designed for experts and beginners alike.

The app is functional without a cell signal, making it compatible with field use. For more information, visit or search for 'Colorado Wildflowers ' in the Apple App Store, Android Market or The app is available for $9.99.

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