Talisa Caldwell missed out on the simple things. She couldn’t do facials with her friends at that one slumber party. She couldn’t roll around in the grass. She couldn’t spend too much time in the sun.

The simplest thing could trigger a bad eczema breakout, causing pain, itchiness and a shot to Caldwell’s confidence for days or weeks at a time.

When you add up the simple things over a lifetime, they start to feel bigger.

“It was definitely hurtful to my self-esteem,” Caldwell, 26, said. “It messed with my life for my whole life.”

After struggling with eczema since birth, Caldwell was tired of trying all kinds of products only to find little relief.

“I would try things and they would always smell good and make me feel good for a second and then I would break out,” she said. “I was pretty much sick of all of that.”

In 2019, she started experimenting with making her own skin balms and scrubs.

She mixed natural and chemical-free ingredients like shea butter, beeswax, grapeseed oil and coconut oil. Within a couple weeks, Caldwell found a recipe that fixed her breakouts like nothing else had.

After finally finding a solution that worked for her, Caldwell thought, “Yes! The world needs this now.”

The timing was right. Before the pandemic, Caldwell made a living as a musician and a yoga instructor. Suddenly, she couldn’t do either of those jobs.

And as a young single mother, she needed a way to make money while working mostly from home in Colorado Springs.

She dove into her new skin care business, Freedom Creators Co. She started selling her line of products, including skin balms, body butters, sugar scrubs and hair and beard oil, online at freedomcreatorsco.com and in person.

Soon, it took off enough for Caldwell to hire a few employees and move her operation into a commercial kitchen. Her products have expanded to herbal teas, soaps and candles, and they can be found at local shops such as Heartshake Studios. Along the way, Caldwell has found a new passion.

“I really enjoy making these and being creative with it,” she said. “And it’s really nice to give people products they can trust.”

Recently, Freedom Creators has launched holiday-themed items like pumpkin pie body butter and peppermint beard oil. Caldwell takes pride in using sustainable packaging like glass jars. As a person of faith, she also uses the Tree of Life as the logo for her business and often includes Bible verses on packaging as a way to spread positivity.

She’s kept it simple. And it’s working. Over the last couple years, Caldwell has been able to go on hikes more without worrying about the sun causing a breakout. If she’s seen signs of skin inflammation, it quickly goes away after a dollop of one of her products.

The answer, she said, was “the power of nature.”

“It’s been super healing,” she said. “I can live my life however I want.”

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