Colorado Springs readers learn about new food finds

Seedless lemons, ready-made nut pie crusts and lentil snacks are fun food finds.

Several new-to-me food items have grabbed my attention in recent weeks. Having given them a try, I think they might be of interest to you too. Included are seedless lemons, pre-made nut pie crusts and crunchy lentil snacks.

Wonderful Seedless Lemons: OK, I know squeezing lemons for juice isn’t the hardest task. But it’s annoying to have to dig out those pesky seeds that fall in with the liquid. Also, say you want a nice wedge of lemon to put on a shrimp cocktail. A big seed is usually right in the center of the wedge. Pulling it out leaves a hole that looks like a missing front tooth.

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Enter the seedless lemon, which won my heart. Seedless lemons have a thinner skin than regular lemons, which means less of the white bitter pith under the peel. They are also prettier when sliced or cut into wedges. I’ve seen a one-pound bag at Kings Soopers for $3.99.

Diamond Nut Pie Crusts: I first saw these nut crusts during a recent conference at the Culinary Institute of America’s San Antonio campus. They looked so interesting that I hunted them down when I got home. My nearby King Soopers had two of the three varieties available: walnut and pecan. The chocolate nut crust can be ordered at Diamond’s website.

These crusts feature an interesting texture and are not as sweet as graham cracker pie crusts. Unlike regular store-bought crusts, they’re not saturated with grease either. They’re great for sweet or savory pies. Also, they are keto-friendly, if you’re a proponent of that diet.

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I like them for pumpkin pie, and I have my eye on an appetizer that calls for a pecan pie crust. It will be so nice not to have to grind the pecans myself.

Visit to find a slew of recipes, including savory ones such as caramelized onion tart, spinach and cheese quiche, and even a leftover turkey and dressing pie.

Farver Farms Lentil Crunchers: If I’m going to indulge in a snack, I go for something that offers some nutrition. So when I heard about this lentil option, I was intrigued.

Lentils are naturally high in fiber and protein and are low-glycemic. An ounce serving of Lentil Crunchers is 100 calories with 7 grams of protein and 3 grams of dietary fiber. The only time I usually have lentils is in soup so it was great to find another way to eat them.

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The Crunchers are a flavorful, crunchy and filling snack. They’re great to eat alone but can add a boost of protein and an interesting flavor and crunch to soups, salads or vegetable dishes. Three varieties are available: Salty Signature, Dill Pickle and Sweet Hickory. Visit

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contact the writer: 636-0271.

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