Everyday lives changed in unexpected split seconds in 2020, a time of stay-at-home orders, COVID-19 tests, parents-turned-teachers, closed businesses and everyone wearing masks.

For local residents, like people everywhere, the pandemic has had deep, ongoing impact. And there are so many personal stories. The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum is inviting people from throughout the area to share their experiences and those of their families as part of its permanent local history collection.

Museum Director Matt Mayberry explained, “As COVID-19 continues to impact our community, the museum recognizes that there are unique stories to tell that will become part of our cultural history. We want to know: what has been your experience; what do you want the community or future generations to know; and what objects, stories, photographs or video do you have to share.”

Mayberry said, “A portion of these submissions will be shared in our Story of Us digital exhibit, under ‘C = COVID-19.’ However, all the materials will be preserved as part of the CSPM permanent collection.”

Set an appointment and tell your story virtually. Share your photos, objects and videos as they relate to the history and geography of the Pikes Peak region. To participate: cspm.org/articles/y-is-for-your-covid-19-story/

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