A Colorado Springs man has claimed another milestone in his brutal attempt to scale the Manitou Incline more times in a year than anyone before.

At the top of the trail late Wednesday, Greg Cummings posed with a poster celebrating his 1,000th ascent in 187 days. Averaging five climbs a day on the railroad ties, gaining more than 2,000 feet in less than a mile, he’s well on pace to break the record of 1,719 by Jan. 11.

Only twice before have 1,000 Inclines in a calendar year been claimed: first by Cummings in 2014, then in 2015 by Roger Austin.

Can this man beat the Manitou Incline record for ascents in a year?

To track and prove his progress, Cummings has been taking selfies atop the Incline with cards displaying his total climbs and the nonprofit he’s promoting: Woodland Park’s Camp Wapiyapi, benefiting children with cancer.

The exhausting pursuit by Cummings, recently retired at 62, has been compounded by Type 1 diabetes. “It just creates a complexity that’s hard to describe,” he told The Gazette in a previous interview. “It just beats me up constantly.”

Of the 1,000-mark, he texted, “It’s a good feeling! Onward and upward ...”

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