Denver, Colorado. Photo Credit: Scott Heaney (iStock).

Denver, Colorado. Photo Credit: Scott Heaney (iStock).

Ask anyone that's lived in Colorado for a few years – the population seems to be booming. As seen in the form of suburban sprawl, higher home prices, and seemingly constant lane expansions, the recent growth that's taken place in Colorado is undeniable.

While a lot of people are moving into Colorado, a lot of people are also leaving the state. One recent analysis published by looked into how the pandemic has impacted where Americans are living, with Colorado ranking high on both the 'moved to' and 'moved from' lists.

When it comes to most 'moved to' spots, Colorado ranked 4th among the states on a list topped by Florida (1), Texas (2), and California (3). Among the most 'moved from' states, Colorado ranked 9th on a list topped by California (1), New York (2), and Texas (3).

Nationally, the analysis found that income loss was a key reason many were moving with 48 percent of movers listing that as a factor. It's also worth noting that 45 percent of movers were seeking an upgraded housing option, which may include moving to a more favorable state.

While March, April, May, June, and July saw relatively low moves, moves skyrocketed in August and reached a high point in September.

This statewide analysis was similar to another study that looked at what cities and towns had gained the most people during the pandemic according to LinkedIn profile updates. Data from that set showed that Denver had netted the 8th most growth across the country, gaining 1.34 people for every person that left.

The recent population growth that Colorado has experienced isn't abnormal, as Colorado has long been experiencing a population boom. Colorado's estimated population is around 5.8 million in 2020. In 2010, the state was home to 5 million residents. In 2000, the state was home to 4.3 million residents. In 1990, the state was home to 3.3 million.

Spencer McKee is OutThere Colorado's Director of Content and Operations. In his spare time, Spencer loves to hike, rock climb, and trail run.

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