Aerial View of Colorado Springs at Dusk. Photo Credit: Jacob Boomsma (iStock).

Aerial view of Colorado Springs at dusk.

Do you think your neighbors are notably friendly in Colorado?

Colorado has been ranked as the state with the ninth-friendliest neighbors in America, according to RTA Outdoor Living. The outdoor furniture company developed its list of top ten states for friendly neighbors with input from at least 30 residents from every state.

In general, the survey found that 60 percent of respondents across America have invited a neighbor or been invited to gatherings about once every three months.


Colorado Springs the No. 1 most desirable place to live, survey says

Saving a neighbor from a dog attack, paying for very expensive cat surgery, and pruning a tree were among the list of responses from nicest things neighbors have done for one another.

Hawaii came in first for friendly neighbors followed by Wyoming, Kansas and South Dakota. 

While Washington D.C. is not yet a state, it was still named as the least friendly followed by Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Alaska and Ohio. 

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