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Colorado has been ranked as the fifth most educated state in the country in a recent analysis conducted by WalletHub.

'Educational attainment' was a key reason for Colorado's high placement, with the state ranking second out of 50 in this category. This category considered what level of education had been reached by adults 25 or older.

This contrasts with Colorado's 'quality of education' ranking – 35th of 50. Though weighted less than 'educational attainment' in the overall ranking, the Centennial State performed below average in this grouping that included criteria such as quality of school systems, public high school graduation rates and testing performance by students.

Colorado ranked high when it came to adults that had obtained a degree, ranking first in percentage of adults with an associate's degree and second in percentage of adults with a bachelor's degree. However, Colorado ranked poorly when it came to 'lowest average university quality' – 48th of 50.

The top three 'most educated' states on the list were Massachusetts (1st), Maryland (2nd), and Connecticut (3rd). The lowest three were Louisiana (48th), Mississippi (49th,) and West Virginia (50th).

See the full results and methodology here.

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