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Even if we don't realize it or not, we often turn to music for solace, answers, a good mood, you name it.

I always know if I'm happy or excited if I choose to listen to music in the car instead of a book on tape. If I continue to listen to the book, I know I'm feeling flat. And I also know that if I choose music over the book, it will put me in a better mood. I'll start to sing along and that alone can raise your vibration, which is ultimately what we want - to be vibrating a little bit higher. It's all about energy. Everything is energy. We're energy. 

I learned about Molly Lord, a local woman, who runs a two-day workshop called "Tuned-In: The Soundtrack of Your Life." She's holding one July 25-26 at the Fine Arts Center.

We sat and chatted last week about what she does and what people can expect from the workshop. She uses music not only to change moods but to enhance or diminish archetypes. 

You might be familiar with C.G. Jung's archetype work. He believed that these archetypes -- mythic universal personas -- live in all of us. They include the warrior, victim, caregiver and innocent, and we all live and act through these different archetypes at different points in our day or lives.

Lord talked about the importance of the wanderer archetype. Now this doesn't mean hitting the road, though it can. It means following your inspirations. When something calls to you, do you follow it or ignore it? Following it can light you up. Ignoring it can shut you down. 

It's not anything that we don't instinctually know, I think. But I think we can often ignore some of those inspirations. Maybe we think it'll take too much time or it's too expensive or people will judge us.

Yoga was one of my inspirations almost a decade ago. I felt the itch to follow it and I scratched away. And thank goodness I did. I would have missed out on a lot of excellent and fulfilling opportunities and some inspiring, knowledgeable people.

So what inspiration are you ignoring? Let me know what you're going to do about it. 


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