Dalai Lama cancels visit to Colorado
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The Dalai Lama will speak on Wednesday, Oct. 21, at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Group tickets are on sale now for $100 at DalaiLamaColorado.com

Single ticket sales, $60-$100, begin Aug. 3 at 8:30 a.m. Tickets include a morning teaching session and afternoon talk.

Single event tickets, $35-$65, go on sale Aug. 10.

The focus of the Dalai Lama's morning teaching session is "Eight Verses of Training the Mind by Master Langri Tangpa (1054-1123)":

"These verses address the all-imp enjoy abiding in peace and happiness rather than in states of anxiety, depression, resentment, and confusion. A frequently used metaphor describes the mind (including both thoughts and feelings) as a horse. That horse can stubbornly go where it wants to go, carrying us along with it and making us feel like helpless victims of our own minds.

Or, we can learn to tame the "strong horses" of our minds. We can make it go on a path leading us to peace, happiness, and meaningful lives. The Eight Verses of Mind Training provide simple and profound ways we can learn to control the “strong horses” of our minds."

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