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Behold the world's first self-rolling yoga mat.

Remember those slap bracelets that were all sorts of popular in the '90s? You slapped your wrist with the long rectangular gadget and it coiled up nice and tight around your arm? 

Think about that same action inside your yoga mat.

Yo-Yo Mat is in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign to fund their creation, and they're doing a bang-up job -- it looks like they're way over goal. You, too, can pre-purchase a self-rolling mat for $79. Looks like estimated delivery date is November.

At first I rolled my eyes a little at the inherent lazy factor here. But then again, there have been days after a particularly challenging practice when I could barely lug myself up and wished for a yoga assistant to roll up my mat for me. I suppose my prayers have been answered.

I wonder about the other side of the mat, though, the side you actually practice on. For my tastes, it'd have to be slightly sticky so I don't slip 'n' slide on my own sweat, and I'd prefer it to not be super thick - better for balancing.

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