Blog: Mistakes, we've all made a few
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Tom Jackson. Photo via ESPN

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I recently taught a yoga class that left me feeling like a flop.

I flubbed my words, gave incorrect cues and made some rough transitions. Mistakes. I've made them. You've made them. I'm sure we'll all make many more of them. But instead of living in fear of them, let's embrace the blunders. Don't you learn so much more from your screw ups than your successes? I do. When I succeed, I'm never quite sure what I did right. But when I screw up, I know exactly what I could have done better.

When it comes to yoga, a lot of people harbor a great deal of fear about coming to their first class or even taking an advanced class. They tell me they're afraid of doing all the poses incorrectly or falling. In general, they're sure they'll look a fool. And yes, a newbie just might do everything incorrectly, but how else is she going to learn?

So go ahead and try the arm balance or the headstand. Try the third set of wheel or the variation of side plank that you see on magazine covers. And fall, kersplat and plop. It's all good. You're learning all about your body.

As far as off the mat goes, I'm not suggesting you go out and make mistakes on purpose, but the next time one happens, give yourself a moment to cringe, like I did after teaching that sub-par class,  and then turn it into an opportunity to learn.

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