Blog: Impermanence is the rule
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Over the weekend I happened to catch the light just right, and saw a gorgeously constructed, geometrically-perfect spider web floating in mid-air over my deck.

And then just the other night I noticed it was gone. Probably destroyed in the rainstorm. Poor little spider guy. After all that hard work and precision, his work of art and meal ticket were gone in the blink of an eye.

But isn't that the way it can go? Everything is so impermanent, which can be both positive and negative news. When you're stuck in an unhappy situation, you have the benefit of knowing it will change at some point. If you're on cloud nine, that's going to also change.

That spider web reminded me of the Buddhist monks' mandalas -- the beautiful, intricate sand sculptures they create one grain of sand at a time. It takes them days to build and as soon as they finish it, they carry it to the water and destroy it. Another lesson in the impermanence of all things.


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