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I've been considering this whole boundary thing lately.

Do you know what that means? It's okay if you don't -- I didn't for most of my life. I'd hear or read about boundaries and wonder just what that meant. It sounded interesting but I could never find any explanation or how to do it.

But now I know. Boundaries are the limits you set for yourself with other people. As in, this is what I will do and this is what I won't do.

In terms of yoga, this is third chakra work. Your third chakra, or energy center, is located at your solar plexus. It's your power center, where the ego stems from.

If your third chakra is deficient, you'll have trouble saying no to people and you'll let them walk all over you. You can't stick up for yourself.

If the chakra is overactive, you'll be one of those people who can't take no for an answer. You'll manipulate and push others to do your bidding. 

Sound familiar? I admit to having lots of trouble saying no sometimes, though it's gotten easier as I've gotten older. That's one good aspect of aging, isn't it? A willingness to have people dislike you for saying no. 

And I've also had people in my life who just will not take no for an answer. I can see the benefit of that in a business situation, but when it comes to personal relationships I think it's an issue. 

We worked on our third chakra last week in my yoga classes. Guess what that looked like? Lots of core work! And some twists. 

Do you have any comments about boundaries? I'd love to hear them:

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