Blog: Busting routines can shed light
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Wheel pose. Not me doing it.

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Over the weekend, the class I teach was canceled, leaving me with a nice open space to fill.

Guess what I did? I went to yoga. Only an entirely different studio with a new to me teacher. The style was much the same, however.

It's always so good to get out of your routine. I'm reminded of that every time I do it, even though I don't do it nearly enough.

With a new teacher and a fairly small class in a small space, I learned some valuable things about myself. I'm lazy and I have developed some habits in my yoga practice. It's true. You heard it here first.

Being a new face, I felt some pressure to perform. I was once again reminded how it feels to be that new person who shows up to my own classes, and feels like everybody, including me, is watching her. You feel like you're supposed to do everything perfectly. It's challenging to break out of that thought.

I did wheels for the first time in many months. I'd avoided doing them when I had ulcer stuff going on. It didn't feel good to stretch my guts in that way. That stuff has gone away for the most part, but has my wheel practice come back? Nein. Why? Laziness. Hey, wheels are hard. But I did two of them just fine on Saturday, which made my here-to-fore sluggishness much more apparent.

That being said, I loved practicing in a new environment -- bluprint Power Yoga. 

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