The perfect recipe for a Ladies Night Out:

Invitations go out from Martha Marzolf, Deb Mahan and Carrie Trookman to fun friends to bring their equally fun friends.

Choose a cozy, attractive location with acclaimed tapas and a creative craft cocktail menu that even has an adorable Baby Yoda (Grogu) drink.

Go on a private Karaoke Night when it’s perfectly acceptable to sing an out-of-tune “Sweet Caroline” at the top of one’s lungs.

Prepare for hours of laughter, conversation and catching up.

Quietly offer a philanthropic opportunity to support a fundraising campaign for 20 of the top community nonprofits.

These hostesses combined everything into a success on Jan. 12.

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Friends were invited to experience Tokki, tucked between Walter’s Bistro and Duca’s Pizza in Country Club Corners. It’s a gem where the employees participate in the light atmosphere.

A combo Japanese-Korean fusion spot, it takes its name from the Asian word for rabbit and has clever bunny art throughout. Art in various mediums, including from Japan, is throughout Tokki.

Some nights are for jazz ensembles, but this evening was all karaoke. Personable Tokki co-owner Pete Choe, who has quite a good voice, kicked off the singing, with music chosen by DJ Jeremiah. Another standout voice belongs to server Alaura Lopez, who has Disney on her resume.

Hostess Mahan, executive director of The Gazette Charities Foundation, provided information on the evening’s philanthropy, the annual Empty Stocking Fund Campaign that was wrapping up.

More than 350,000 people are served by Empty Stocking Fund partner health and human services agencies each year.

The final results from this season’s campaign will be announced to agencies at check presentations on Feb. 7 at Penrose House.

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