The cowboy bartenders were whipping up cocktails, there were cowgirl outfits and boots in the boutique booths and baskets of goodies to bid on.

The very pink Cowgirls Against Cancer, formerly Cowgirls & Cocktails, had returned after the COVID pandemic. Following a 15-year tradition, Norris Penrose Event Center was alive with fundraising, eating and shopping action Oct. 13.

It opened with a traditional toast by committee members to beloved late founder Cindy Fowler.

Then four teams of cowboy bartenders went to work competing for top tips with signature cocktails developed by Blackhat Distillery. Champions were on Bar 4: newlyweds Kevin O’Neil and Dr. Dawn Jewell-O’Neil, Dr. Brad Renehan and Jeff Renehan.

There was heavy competition from Bar 1: James Kilpatrick, Dan Johnson, Ryan Schnapp, Zack Bender; Bar 2: Ryan Schwab, Chris Bianca, Greg Luczak, Bob Nolette; and Bar 3: Wayne Intermill, Eric Dary, Robert Dunn and “Good Company Gary.” It was all to support those with breast cancer in the Pikes Peak region, helping with immediate and then follow-up needs. Those include transportation vouchers, wigs, meal delivery and lymphedema garments and post-surgical camisoles

Committee members were Rosemarie Venezia, Kyle Park, Cathy Steele, Kate Maiurro, Angel Cardon, Dominique Juliano, Nicole Schnapp and Paige Schwab.

Cowgirls Against Cancer is a volunteer-led group under the umbrella of the nonprofit Norris Penrose Legacy Foundation and has raised more than $800,000. (cowgirls and Facebook).

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