Early one day each year, music lovers start a morning in the best of ways with music by the Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale and the Youth Symphony.

The talent-filled Celebrate Youth in the Arts is a fundraising tradition for the community that filled a ballroom at the Antlers on Feb. 27.

As guests, sponsors and representatives of music organizations from throughout the community were drawn into the songs, one businessman sitting quietly, eyes closed, said it all, “I don’t cry every morning at breakfast.”

For Jan Martin, who shared her love of music and school experiences, “Each year something deep inside of me is touched by the music. Through music we are one.”

Marcia Hendricks, executive director of the chorale, and Keven Stewart, executive director of the youth symphony, described the hundreds of young people involved.

The chorale (kidssing.org) was started in 1977 and has five choirs as well as school district classes. The youth symphony (csysa.com), founded in 1980, trains 350 musicians in a number of levels up to college preparatory full orchestra.

Both perform worldwide and in prestigious locations including Carnegie Hall and Kennedy Center.

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