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Creamy chicken tortilla soup.

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As much as I like a good taco, my favorite thing to make with corn tortillas is soup. When the tortillas are torn into craggy pieces that disintegrate in a good broth, their toasted corny flavor really pops.

Here, they join forces with unexpected ingredients — golden raisins, tomato paste and sesame seeds — that make all the difference, bringing a subtle sweetness.

We’re using an immersion (stick) blender, right in the pot, to make this soup so creamy smooth that you don’t really need to add the half-and-half. But we like it with, and without. And yes, you can use a blender to achieve the same result.

The recipe starts with the quick cooking of a pounded chicken-breast half, which will be shredded and added to the soup bowls just before serving. The browned bits from the chicken that are left in the pan, called fond, lend flavor to the onion mixture that is sauteed and then added to the broth. And though you are making a relatively small amount of soup here, do so in a deep pot. That way the immersion blender won’t distribute soup on your stovetop and your shirt front.

You can make this meatless, of course, by omitting the chicken and using frozen/defrosted roasted corn kernels and vegetable broth instead.

Leftover soup will thicken in the refrigerator overnight, so loosen it with some water or more broth when you reheat it.


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