LETTERS: Breathing a sigh of relief about blue frame; excuse for shaming victims
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Rock formations in the Central Garden Area of Garden of the Gods Park are framed by the controversial 12-foot blue frame as a crew from the Colorado Springs Park and Recreation department tranports it through the park Monday, Dec. 18, 2017 after it was removed from the High Point Overlook. The blue frame was installed Thursday as a marketing idea by the Olympic City USA task force and the locals quickly rejected it. As of Monday morning, more than 20,000 people had signed a petition started Friday. (The Gazette, Christian Murdock)

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Breathing a sigh of relief

In my mind in the midst of all this hoopla concerning the invasion of the 12-foot frame into the Garden of the Gods park, I see the image of my great aunt Edith Forbes Perkins Howes firmly glued to the seat of her tractor, her dangling earrings sparkling in the sunlight. "After all, "she told us, "they belonged to my mother, so I think I should wear them at every opportunity in her honor."

Aunt Edie was one of the grandchildren of Charles Elliott Perkins who bequeathed the Garden of the Gods to the city of Colorado Springs.

Wherever she is now, I'm sure she has breathed a sigh of relief as she watched that dreadful thing making its exit.

Joanna Fischer

Colorado Springs

Possible place for the blue frame

I would propose that the blue frame be mounted near the Memorial Park skate board park and the Sertich Ice Center. It should be with a clear view of Pikes Peak and near adequate parking. As you drive into Memorial Park from the north entrance off Pikes Peak Avenue, to the right is an open field. This would be a perfect location for the blue frame.

As the peak will soon be covered with snow, the view through the blue frame would be great publicity for our city.

Don Worley

Colorado Springs

Another suggestion for the frame

Another suggestion for the big blue frame.  Install it on a turnable base at the observation point in Palmer Park. People could then choose their own favorite views of our fair city.

David Mandt

Colorado Springs

Character is everything

Dr. Cheryl Steen's advice for young women is right on.

As a grammy to four children (the oldest two are young ladies, 15 and 17 years old) I, too learned from my dad. He taught me from any early age that real freedom comes from making right choices. He told all of his five kids that when you walk out the front door everything you do, say, wear is a reflection on your parents. More importantly, it is a reflection on God.

It is stunning to see kids, as well as adult women walking around, immodestly dressed, with tattoos, piercings and wild-looking makeup.

Take pride in yourself, dress in a way that is modest, yet attractive. Watch your language - swearing is not a ladylike thing to do. Pick your friends carefully. Once you obtain a poor reputation, it will follow you around. Character is everything. Dress like a lady and act like one and when the right time comes, pray that God will bring the right guy into your life. Save your purity for your husband. It is a once in a lifetime gift.

Dixie Muinch

Colorado Springs

Another excuse shaming victims

I'm always to happy to read when old women who somehow escaped the statistic of being the 1 in 8 of women who are raped or assaulted and how it had so much to do with the clothes they wore. I wonder how the women who are raped in Afghanistan who are covered from head to toe feel about her thoughts.

There is literally no other crime where they ask what the victim was wearing. If a watch was stolen, no one would ask why they stole their watch. Their victimhood is assumed.

Rape is not about sex, it's about power and control and not giving a damn about getting consent. A person who is too intoxicated cannot consent.

"Modesty" is another lie for slut shaming the women who are brave enough to come forward.

However when you have women like Cheryl Steen who write crap like this, and are supposedly leaders of the community because of their titles, nothing will change. I feel sorry for her female patients who might actually confide in her and find themselves with no help due to her attitude about rape, which is that it's somehow their fault.

I'm sorry her father slut shamed her and made her feel that she owned men's responses toward her and that she didn't wear the makeup she wanted and the clothes she wanted.

Candice Quist-Potter

Colorado Springs

Many still priced out of the inn

Jesus was born in a manger, for there was no room in the inn. As we prepare to celebrate that birth, we are reminded of how many in Colorado Springs share the holy family's fate. Last year we wrote lamenting the fact that for many there is still no room in the inn. So many in our city are homeless. We're pleased with the progress made since then. New shelter space and growing coordination between nonprofits and with city government have opened up more beds and services for our fellow citizens without a home.

And yet the numbers of those without a home keep rising. A majority of those facing homelessness did not move here homeless. Many worked and were just barely getting by until something pushed them over the edge. Often that something is the cost of rent. They have been priced out of the inn.

Affordable housing is lacking in our city. Stories such as "Freedom Springs" for homeless veterans, Springs Rescue Mission's new complex, and District 11 freeing up land for affordable housing give cause for hope. But as each affordable home is planned, it seems another 10 become less affordable.

There are no quick or easy solutions. Complicated problems need engagement from the whole community. So, as faith leaders, we commit ourselves to learning about the causes and implications of unaffordable housing from those seeking solutions and from those facing homelessness; engaging those who do not share our perspective that we might find common ground; and using our pastoral witness to advocate for fellow citizens who find themselves priced out of the inn. We invite and challenge you to do the same.

Pastor Daniel Smith for Colorado Springs Faith Table

Colorado Springs

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