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Here Are The Homeless Charitable Organizations Being Supported By This Share-A-Thon

Springs Rescue Mission

Springs Rescue Mission is a donor-funded, faith-based nonprofit that has been offering a hand up to people struggling with homelessness, poverty and addiction in Colorado Springs for more than 20 years. The list of services they offer people on a daily basis includes meals, shelter, clothing, food, case management, showers, laundry, addiction recovery, counseling, discipleship, job training, and much more. Working together with the city’s biggest hearts, Springs Rescue Mission seeks to restore homeless men and women to meaningful, healthy, productive and stable lives in Colorado Springs.

Blackbird Outreach

Many homeless individuals in Colorado Springs have suffered severe traumas. Many struggle with almost completely debilitating mental, health, or social issues. Because of this, they are often unwilling or unable to visit the locations where the charitable organizations serving the homeless in Colorado Springs provide care. Blackbird Outreach fills an important gap by serving the homeless where they are, helping them to get access to the systems and services that will bring healing, wholeness, and restoration to their lives.