Home security camera captures strange creature

Video Credit: Vivian Gomez (Screenshot).

A Colorado woman claims to have spotted something quite strange on a home security camera, asking the public for help in determining what it could be. According to a public Facebook post by Vivian Gomez, she awoke to see that one of her three security cameras captured a strange figure walking away from her front door. The other two cameras didn’t pick anything up.

The video has since gone massively viral, accumulating more than 12 million views in less than a week on the single Facebook post alone. It’s been retweeted and shared elsewhere countless times since, with everyone speculating about what was captured on camera.

Here is the Facebook video below. What do you think?

Alien sightings are no oddity in Colorado, with the San Luis Valley being one of the top spots to see UFOs in the country. There’s even a UFO Watchtower in the area that gives visitors a raised view of very dark skies.

Is the late-night visitor captured by Vivian Gomez a child, alien or some other odd creature that lurks in the night? 

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