Cheyenne Mountain's Paul Agbo (right) and Air Academy's Keegan Bennett (left) finish first and second in the 4A boys 4x100 relay race on the final day of the 2021 State Track & Field Championships at Jeffco Stadium in Lakewood. 

LAKEWOOD – The handoffs should have been more challenging Saturday, but the Cheyenne Mountain boys found a way to succeed.

Pierre Agbo, Max Fuller, Spencer Cedrun and Paul Agbo entered the Class 4A 4x100 relay state final Saturday at Jefferson County Stadium with the second-best seed time, fractions of a second behind Air Academy.

“We had minor mistakes in prelims, and then we all fixed that,” Paul Agbo, the anchor, said. “We knew from the start that we could get that (win). All that confidence just led up to this moment.”

The prelims were run Friday before the rain started to fall. Saturday’s final came under steady rain.

“We knew that it was going to be rainy,” Fuller said. “We used it to say that was their disadvantage and our advantage, so we went in there, we kept our hands dry, and tried to keep the stick dry.”

Pierre started the relay and handed off to Fuller.

“The handoffs were the toughest part of the race,” Pierre Agbo said.

Fuller kept pace until he could hand off to Cedrun. The Cheyenne Mountain freshman did enough to give Paul, Pierre’s twin brother, a chance. Paul broke the finish line in 43.14 seconds, just in front of Air Academy’s 43.53.

After the times were posted, the Air Academy quartet of Simeon Whitaker, Sam Weisstein, Are’an Burr and Keegan Bennett congratulated their Pikes Peak Athletic Conference rivals.

“We do have a rivalry with them, but I feel like … when we come off the field and it’s just us, I feel like we’re still happy for each other and what we’ve accomplished,” Cedrun said.

Erie took third in 43.78, while Mesa Ridge’s Niko Allgood, Trei Ginn, Kenneth Fritsch and Nathaniel Richardson took fourth in 44.05.

“It was a good battle between us, Mesa (Ridge), Air Academy, Erie,” Pierre Agbo said. “Just very good teams, I’m proud of us all.”

The win marked the fourth consecutive state track meet where Cheyenne Mountain sent a 4x100 relay team to the top of the podium. The girls won in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Cedrun, Fuller and the Agbos kept the streak alive Saturday.