With a strong storm moving through the Colorado Springs area, Vista Ridge made the decision to postpone its game against Windsor until Saturday at noon at Windsor High School.

At 6 p.m., lightning strikes surrounded the school in northeast Colorado Springs, but the rain was light. At the time coaches, hoped that teams would be able to begin warmups on the field at 6:50, lightning permitting, and hoped for a 7:30 kickoff.

Each lightning strike within 8-10 miles of the school reset the delay clock 30 minutes. By 6:30, lightning had become too frequent and the rain too heavy to consider playing Friday evening, and the game was called.

The Windsor football team was looking at hotel prices in the area before the game was called. The Wizards traveled more than two hours for Friday's game.

At 8 p.m. Windsor announced that they would host Vista Ridge at noon, rather than play the game in Colorado Springs as previously reported by coaches.