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5A Pikes Peak League

Doherty Spartans

Coach: Craig Decker, 7th season

Last season: 6-9 (3-3 5A/4A CSML)

Returning starters: Sydney Coulter, jr., M; Maddie Ford, sr., M; Kylee Henshaw, sr., F; Sabina Nachtingal, jr., D/F; Erica Pearson, jr., M; Makayla Stone, sr., D; Grace Vacha, jr., D

Outlook: “Mainly excited to get out and play for the first time in the past two years,” Decker said. “Great group of players who love the game but are just happy to come out and play the game with their friends.”

Notes: The Spartans will have to wait a bit to finally get on the field as the school and other District 11 facilities begin the season on a schoolwide quarantine … Decker ended the 2018-19 season with 99 career wins and has been waiting for his 100th for two years.

Fountain-Fort Carson Trojans

Coach: Ryan Jolivette, 3rd season

Last season: 8-7 (1-5 5A/4A CSML)

Returning starters: Cristina Cespedes, M; Tori Howard, M; Emily Jacobs, D; Yadira Martinez, M; Arianna Murillo, M; Ada Salazar, F

Other top athletes: Jada Jackson, fr. M

Outlook: “Very excited for the season to get underway. We have had almost two years of offseason training due to last years cancellations. Coach Holland, our lifting coach here at FFCHS has been working with girls on a regular basis with strength, conditioning and more importantly injury prevention workouts,” Jolivette said. “We have a strong core of soccer players that love the game, and I am excited to help them get the opportunity to play the sport they love for their high school. I am most excited for the first practice and the first game. It will be great to have the whole team together for the first time in a year. With the first game I am excited to see the girls in their new uniforms and having game-day butterflies. It has been far too long and we are ready to get back at it.”

Notes: Jolivette will start a new position at Baylor in Waco, Texas, in June. Aaron Coons will take over for Jolivette. “I’m excited for the new opportunity but extremely sad to leave the team and relationships I have built at Fountain-Fort Carson High School,” Jolivette said.

Pine Creek Eagles

Coach: John Frederick, 23rd season

Last season: 6-8-2 (4-1-1 5A/4A CSML)

Returning starters: Lucy Hart, sr., F; Lolo Lacy, sr., G; Tess McConnelogue, jr., D; Bella Reinhardt, sr., F

Other top athletes: Ava Amsden, fr., M;Hannah Baumgardner, jr., M; Callie Fuhr, jr., D; Bri Kramer, jr., M; Isa Murdock, jr., M; Monica Yoder, so., F

Outlook: “Not having a season (last year), we really only have four players returning. This creates a lot of newness, and the energy has been through the roof,” Frederick said. “Setting new norms and standards for practice has been a priority, and the players have responded. Very excited about our depth this year and hope this can equate to wins!”

4A Pikes Peak League

Cheyenne Mountain

Coach: Nikki Athey, 8th season

Last season: 11-8 (4-4 5A/4A PPAC)

Returning starters: Sisika Farmiga; Caroline Johnson; Sophie McConnell; Breanne Raley

Notes: With a 2019 4A state title, Cheyenne Mountain is technically the returning state champion since the 2020 season was canceled due to the pandemic.

Discovery Canyon Thunder

Coach: Matt Saul/Lisa Greer, 2nd season

Last season: 6-8-2 (2-4-1 5A/4A PPAC)

Returning starters: Delaney Edwards, jr., CF; Paige Hansen, sr., CB; Victoria Sablad, jr., CB; Anna Sukle, jr., CF

Other top athletes: Elle Kuenzli, jr., CM; Camryn Lindsay, fr., CM; Meghan Storch, fr., CB

Outlook: “The season overall is going to be a fun one,” Saul said. “To be back playing, to provide the players with a quality experience representing their community in the sport they love. We will have a young but exciting group of players.”

Notes: Lisa Greer is a 2012 Discovery Canyon graduate and played on the soccer team. She returns to help co-coach the team with Saul.

Lewis-Palmer Rangers

Coach: Brian Barkey, 2nd season

Last season: 7-7-2 (4-3 5A/4A PPAC)

Returning starters: Kathryn Bond, sr., F; Hannah Breedlove, sr., M; Cendall Brown, sr., D; Rilee Cudney, so., GK; Megan Diano, sr., D; Courtney Heffner, sr., F; Ashlyn Hilton, so., M; Abby Rauschenberg, jr., M; Lauren Qualls, sr., D; Tori Sharratt, sr., D

Other top athletes: Ally Buckley, sr., D; Ella Mooney, fr. D; Addisyn Sopczak, so., M; Chloe Ujfalusy, D/GK

Outlook: Barkey said he has a great group of hard-working players who are excited for the season.

Palmer Ridge Bears

Coach: Nick Odil, 13th season

Last season: 11-4-1 (5-2 5A/4A PPAC)

Returning starters: Lauren Goebel, sr., D; Kendall Gouner, jr., F; Heather Holter , jr., GK; Riley Jones, sr., D; Finley Lloyd, so., M; Keagan McCorkle , jr., D; Lily Matalus, sr., F; Kendra Schlacter, so., GK; Jaala Stevens, so., D; Katie Wotta, jr., M

Other top athletes: Jackie Andresen, jr., D; Audrey Barhydt, jr., D; Jayven Howarth, sr., D; Ashley Pierce, sr., F

Outlook: “Our roster is solid from start to finish, we should be able to plug in a lot of players across the field and still perform at a high level,” Odil said.

Rampart Rams

Coach: Carisa Whitson, 10th season

Last season: 17-1 (6-0 5A/4A CSML) In 2018-19 Rampart earned the No. 4 seed in the 5A tournament and made it to the state quarterfinals.

Outlook: Whitson said Rampart is essentially a new team at the varsity level after losing many seniors from the 2020 season, which was canceled due to the pandemic. “New group brings an exciting season ahead,” Whitson said. “The new group including this year's sophomore class. Since we missed out on last season we essentially have a group of sophomores that are 'freshmen' in HS soccer.”

4A Colorado Springs Metro League

Mesa Ridge Grizzlies

Coach: Brian Roberds, 3rd season

Last season: 6-9 (5-3 4A CSML)

Returning starters: Devyn Jackson, sr., D; Maddaford, jr., F/ M

Other top athletes: Auwea Acfalle, jr., M; Mylani Naputi-Fonseca, jr., D

Outlook: “(I’m most excited about) seeing the hard work the girls have put in during the offseason come to fruition,” Roberds said. “I feel there is a true sense of team with these girls that will really help us to have success. We have a young, inexperienced squad that is going to surprise some people.”

4A Colorado Springs Metro North

Sierra Stallions

Coach: Vicky Miller, 5th season

Last season: 2-12 (1-7 4A CSML)

Returning starters: Eliza Guerzon, jr., M; JJ Johnson, sr., M

Other top athletes: Teani Perryman, jr., M

Outlook: Miller said she is most excited about growing the team. “We only have one senior this year and have a ton of rebuilding to do,” she said.

The Classical Academy Titans

Coach: Blake Galvin, 12th season

Last season: 10-5-1 (8-0 4A CSML)

Returning starters: Hope Ahnfeldt, jr., M; Moira Franck, jr., D; Shaela Leahy, sr., D; Lauren Mace, sr., D; Melina McClure, jr., GK; Julie Munch, sr., M; Kylea Roitsch, sr., M; Taliana Schmidt, sr., M; Anna Welch, jr., M

Other top athletes: Katelyn Beckman, jr., GK; Caity McCartney, jr., F

Outlook: “We haven't seen girls soccer in two years, it will be great to get back on the field and to see girls soccer across the state again, just the fact that we get to have a season is the most exciting thing,” Galvin said.

4A Colorado Springs Metro South

Canon City Tigers

Coach: Pat Callahan, 19th season

Last season: 10-6 (7-1 4A CSML)

Returning starters: Izzy Adamic, sr., D; Cailynn Andreis, sr., D; Sammi Holt, sr, M; Jordan Konty, sr., GK; Emma Rowe, sr., M; Kyndal West, sr., F

Other top athletes: Emily Burkdoll, fr., M; Lyndsey French, sr. ,M; Mady Ley, jr., M; Madi Nelson, sr., D; Ali Richardson, fr., M; Calla Wogaman, jr., F

Outlook: Callahan said his squad has a large number of girls with a good mix of experience, youth and lots of potential.

Coronado Cougars

Coach: Kyle Yeh, 2nd season

Last season: 6-9 (2-4 5A/4A CSML)

Returning starters: Hannah Hook, sr., M; Alayna Martinez, jr., M; Anna Weiss, sr., M

Other top athletes: Petra Espinosa, jr., D; Erin Gray, so., M

Outlook: Yeh said he is most excited to get back on the field. The two-year gap, he said, makes his program “appreciate the opportunity to compete more than ever.”

Widefield Gladiators

Coach: Alexis Maul, 3rd season

Last season: 6-9 (3-5 4A CSML)

Returning starters: Anela Jackson, M; Olivia Miranda, M

Other top athletes: Bri Cabrera, M; Alona Cain, M; Taveonna Cain, D; Deja Delgado, D; Lizbeth Sevilla, Striker

Outlook: “We're going to have quite a few seniors who have a lot of heart and determination,” Maul said.

Woodland Park Panthers

Coach: Amy Smith, 1st season

Last season: 6-9 (4-4 4A CSML)

Returning starters: Morgan Berry, jr., M; Keziah Friesema, sr., D; Courtney Horton, sr., D; Chloe Robinson, sr., GK; Kaylea Steila, jr., D; Avery Waters, sr., M; Ivy Wendt, jr., F

Other top athletes: Guiana Roskam, so., D; Bella Slocum, so., GK; Lilly Urban, fr., D; Kara Wiley, fr., D; Emma Vonderharr, fr., striker; Shealan Waters, so., D

Outlook: Smith said, “We have a very young squad, but they are the most talented girls soccer team our school has seen in many years.”

3A Tri-Peaks West

Colorado Springs Christian School Lions

Coach: Jason Rollins, 8th season

Last season: 8-8 (3-2 3A Tri-Peaks)

Returning starters: Emma Bartha, sr., D; Keegan Benningfield, jr., M; Amanda Boucher, jr., GK; Megan Brones, jr., D; Gabby Dillon, sr., M; Mari Domingos, sr., D; Gitta Malfitano, jr., M

Outlook: “We have a strong incoming freshman class with an athletic 10th-grade class who missed their first year, combined with some experienced players. It will be a fun group to coach and watch play,” Rollins said.

Manitou Springs Mustangs

Coach: Ben Mack, 7th season

Last season: 8-8-1 (4-0-1 3A Tri-Peaks West)

Returning starters: Tera DeRemus, sr., D; Dana Gutierez-Santos, sr., D; Caroline Maestas, sr., G; Madrid Mack; so., M; Julia Mayne, jr., M; Sophie McKeown, sr., F; Grace Olson, sr., F; Abigail Parker, jr., D; Erica Sherwin, so., F; Kat Yenne, sr., M

Other top athletes: Sami Benge-Kulzer, so.; Grace McCumber, so.; Payton Smith, so., D

Outlook: Mack said he is most excited about getting back on the field. “We have a great group of hard-working girls that are super excited to get back out there. We also have a lot of depth this year as we are returning nearly our entire starting lineup from last year,” he said.

St. Mary’s Pirates

Coach: Gregg Braha, 19th season

Last season: 12-5 (5-0 3A Tri-Peaks East)

Returning starters: Kacey Barta, sr., F; Megan Clavenna, sr., D; Julia Creech, sr., M; Natalia Lima Avalos, jr., D; Maggie Lappe, so., M; Ashley Wallau, jr., D

Other top athletes: Hannah Jasper, jr., GK

Outlook: “The Pirates return a solid core of players from last season,” Braha said. “Experiencing fresh air, sunshine, and having a chance to compete excites us the most.”

2A Black Forest League

Colorado Springs School Kodiaks

Coach: Nataya Stepleton, 1st season

Last season: 6-9 (4-6 2A Region 1)

Outlook: Stepleton said this season has been a long time coming and the Kodiaks are most excited about getting back on the field.

Note: Schools not listed did not supply information.