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Class 5A Colorado Springs Metro League

Doherty Spartans

Coach: Murphy Barry (fourth season)

Last season: 2-5, 2-4 league

Returning athletes: Ella Adler, jr. (200 and 500 freestyle); Kiley Frisch, jr. (100 butterfly, 200 IM); Allison Hernandez, sr. (50, 100 freestyle); Emily Hurst, jr. (diving); Abby Hutcheon, jr. (50 freestyle, 200 IM); Abby Krueger, jr. (diving); Angelina Locricchio, sr. (200 IM, 100 butterfly); Emma Roach, jr. (diving); Julie Rodeback, sr. (100 breaststroke, 200 freestyle).

Other top athletes: Dania Botello, fr. (50, 100 freestyle); Ally Gregory, fr. (100 butterfly, 100 backstroke); Lilly Lyons, fr. (100 butterfly, 200 IM).

Outlook: “This is the first year that everyone on the team has only been coached by the current staff and we are excited for a team following the same philosophy,” Barry said. “There is a strong incoming freshman class to pair with a great set of upperclassmen. Looking for more individual state qualifiers, especially in diving.”

Notes: Ana Rojas, a Class 5A state-placer in the 50-yard freestyle and 100 backstroke as a freshman last season, decided to take the season off to recover from shoulder surgery and train for the Olympic Trials. “She is supporting and a part of our team but from a distance,” Barry said.

So far: 0-1, 0-1 league

Fountain-Fort Carson Trojans

Coach: Duffy Dillon (third season)

Last season: 0-8, 0-6 league

Returning athletes: Ailea Blahm, jr. (100 freestyle, 100 backstroke); Natalie Bowers, so. (200, 100 freestyle); Sadie Bruce, so. (200 freestyle, 100 butterfly); Lilly Clothier, so.(100, 200 freestyle); Sophia Diepeveen, jr. (200 freestyle, 100 backstroke); Brenna Durbin, so. (200 IM, 500 freestyle); Tara Durbin, jr. (200, 500 freestyle); Jordyn Glackman, sr. (100, 200 freestyle); Keira Gonzales, so (200 freestyle, 100 backstroke); Jennifer Hazlett, jr. (200, 100 freestyle); Isabella Ortega, jr. (200 IM, 100 butterfly); Megan Passarelli, so (100 freestyle, 100 backstroke);Courtney Rael, sr. (50, 100 freestyle); Sara Zielinski, so (200 IM, 100 backstroke).

Other top athletes: Julia Anzaldua, fr. (100, 200 freestyle); Angeline Contreras, fr. (50, 100 freestyle); Kaitlyn Dagley, so. (100 freestyle, diving); Kiana Dungan, fr. (100, 200 freestyle); Dokata Gillespie, fr. (50, 100 freestyle); Lindsey Hamilton, fr. (100, 200 freestyle); Lauren Hodges, fr. (100 freestyle, diving); Alana Hunt, fr. (100, 200 freestyle); Leanna Johnson, fr. (100, 200 freestyle); Haley Jordan, so. (100, 200 freestyle); Eva Lauer, sr. (200 freestyle, 100 backstroke); Kelli Long, jr. (200 freestyle, 100 backstroke); Alexis Lucier, fr. (50, 100 freestyle); Natalee Moon, fr. (100, 200 freestyle); Jenisah Mora, so. (50, 100 freestyle); Vyaney Moreno, fr. (100, 200 freestyle); Katia Neufeld, fr. (200, 500 freestyle); Zechariah Parker, jr. (50, 100 freestyle).

Outlook: “We’ve got our biggest team in years — over 30 — with great girls who are having fun, working hard, and swimming fast,” Dillon said. “Thirteen freshmen girls! Also, the restart of our diving program with coach Ashley Soulvie on faculty. Our completely renovated facility now has two diving boards for practice and hosting major meets.”

Liberty Lancers

Coach: Cheryl Sistare (first season)

Last season: 6-2, 4-2 league

Returning athletes: Savana Baker, sr. (backstroke); Maddie Connor, jr. (500 freestyle); Maya Jabbour, jr. (breaststroke); Taylor Kwan, so. (backstroke, 500 freestyle); Grace McCrary, sr. (freestyle, breaststroke); Samantha Penrose, sr. (freestyle); Emma Seeley, sr. (freestyle); Leeya Van Druff, jr. (breaststroke, freestyle).

Other top athletes: Sydney Baker, fr. (freestyle, backstroke); Brianna Bridgewater, sr. (diving); Payton Fontenot, fr. (butterfly); Ashley Van Villigan, fr. (diving).

Outlook: “This is a close group of athletes who have taken ownership for both the culture and success of the team,” Sistare said. “There is a lot of depth, and after last year’s second-place finish at league, the team understands the value of every athlete’s efforts.”

Lewis-Palmer Rangers

Coach: Jackie Cromer (fourth season)

Last season: 3-1, 2-1 league

Returning athletes: Madeline Bane, sr. (sprint freestyles); Emily Cook, sr. (diving); Hannah Day, sr. (breaststroke, sprint freestyles); Megan Dumond, sr. (diving); Ashley Griffith, so. (diving); Aubrey Huffman, jr. (backstroke); Madelyn Letendre, sr. (freestyle); Katie McClelland, jr. (breaststroke, butterfly); Sydney McKenzie, so. (breaststroke, butterfly); Abby Nelson, jr. (backstroke, freestyle); Megan Perry, so. (freestyle); Olivia Reichardt, jr. (freestyle, butterfly); Gabby Ward, jr. (IM); Lydia Wright, so. (IM).

Other top athletes: Dahlia Allen, so. (diving); Gabby Jonasson, jr. (freestyle).

Outlook: “The league meet is always an exciting meet decided by only a few points,” Cromer said. “It often brings out some of the best swims from the girls.”

Palmer Terrors

Coach: Geoff Lewis (sixth season)

Last season: 1-7, 1-5 league

Returning athletes: Hailee Castle (diving); Izzy Gilliam (100 breastroke); Paige Jones (diving); Kate Lowery, so. (100 backstroke); Mia Pepper (diving); Maddie Scott, so. (100 butterfly); Anna Van Dyk (100 breastroke).

Other top athletes: Malia Steele (butterfly); Adele Havlick (freestyle).

Outlook: “We are really excited about the enthusiasm of the team,” Lewis said. “Forty-four athletes represents the largest girls’ swim team at Palmer in the last 10 years. We hope to build on last year’s success which included individual and relay state qualifiers for the first time since 2008.”

So far: 1-0 overall

Rampart Rams

Coach: Dan Greene (sixth season)

Last season: 7-0, 6-0 league

Returning athletes: Maggie Buckley, jr. (diving); Laelle Brovold, sr. (butterfly, freestyle, IM); Aubrey Ellenwood so. (diving); Flora Filere, so. (freestyle); Colleen Hanley, jr. (butterfly, freestyle, IM); Olivia Hollinger, jr. (butterfly, backstroke); Lindsey Immel, jr. (freestyle, backstroke); Valentina Ischenko, jr. (backstroke, butterfly, IM); Ashlin Leo, so. (butterfly, freestyle); Joey Miller, jr. (breaststroke, IM, butterfly, freestyle); Claire Timson, so (backstroke, freestyle); Isabelle Wederquist, sr. (freestyle); Sophie Welp, sr. (backstroke, freestyle).

Other top athletes: Kylie Walters, so. (freestyle)

Outlook: “Strong team with a lot of young athletes,” Greene said. “We should have a strong showing at state.”

Notes: The Rams are the two-time defending Class 4A state champions.

Class 4A Colorado Springs Metro League

Coronado Cougars

Coach: Nate Holm (seventh season)

Last season: 4-3, 4-2 league

Returning athletes: None listed.

Season outlook: “I am eager to be Coronado’s head swim and dive coach this year,” Holm said. “We have a lot of high performing athletes. I am excited to see what the girls do this season.”

Mitchell Marauders

Coach: Heather Bureau (second season)

Last season: 0-1-2, 0-1-1 league

Returning athletes: Kaylea Babers, jr.; Angel Christensen, sr.

Outlook: “I am most excited for my team tripling in size as well as the interest that has come with starting a team last year!” Bureau said. “I am also excited to teach new athletes different skills and support them in any way I can.”

Widefield Gladiators

Coach: Susan Wickberg (22 seasons coaching)

Last season: 6-1, 2-0 league (with Mesa Ridge)

Returning athletes: Lindsey Gaddy sr. (200 IM, 500 free); Kelsi Mansfield, sr. (50 free, 100 backstroke); Vadianna Martinez, sr. (50 free).

Season outlook: “We are a very young and inexperienced team,” Wickberg said. “We have 12 returning swimmers of our 27 and 11 freshmen.”

So far: 0-1 overall

Woodland Park Panthers

Coach: Rusty Bernstein (37 years coaching, second at WP)

Last season: 0-3, 0-2 league

Returning athletes: Brynn Bohatch, jr.; Katerina Clouthier, jr.; Maya Mijares, sr.; Abby Prickett, jr.; Rabekah Taylor, jr.; Clara Thompson, sr.; Olivia Whelan, sr. (all swimmers compete in every event).

Other top athletes: Regan Drummon, fr.; Shaelee Havens, fr. (all swimmers compete in every event).

Season outlook: “Being that this is only our second year of having a team,” Bernstein said, “the majority of our swimmers have at least one year of experience. Last year we only had a couple with previous experience. We should be an improved team.”

Class 4A Pikes Peak Athletics Conference

Cheyenne Mountain Indians

Coach: Kate Doane (12th season)

Last season: 5-0, 4-0 league

Returning athletes: Ashley Bertsch, sr. (100 backstroke, 50, 100 freestyle); Liz Brower, so. (100 backstroke, 100 breaststroke, 50, 100, 200 freestyle, 200 IM); Ysa Carrell, so. (100 breaststroke, 200 freestyle, 200 IM); Frances Hayward, sr. (50, 100, 200 and 500 freestyle); Kaelyn Hinesley, jr. (diving); Emma Krasovec, so. (100 breaststroke, 200, 500 freestyle, 200 IM); Skyler Korkowski, jr. (200, 500 freestyle); Anna Langer, sr. (diving); Harper Lehman, sr. (50, 100 freestyle, 100 backstroke, 100 butterfly, 200 IM); Kambry Lightfoot (100 breaststroke, 100 butterfly, 200 IM); Mary Roalstad, sr. (100 backstroke, 100 butterfly, 200 IM); Clare Sanderson, sr. (100 backstroke, 100, 200, 500 freestyle, 200 IM);Alana Tupea, jr. (100 butterfly, 50, 100 freestyle); Dayna Wahl, sr. (100 butterfly, 200, 500 freestyle, 200 IM).

Other top athletes: Caroline Bricker, fr. (100 breaststroke, 50, 100, 200, 500 freestyle, 200 IM); Hannah Flis, fr. (100 backstroke, freestyle); Christina Matteson, so. (100 backstroke, 100 butterfly, 50, 100 freestyle); Ellie Shadwick, so. (100 backstroke, 50, 100 freestyle); Bethany Slivka, fr. (100 butterfly, 500 freestyle).

Season outlook: “The Lady Indians are fired up about the 2019-2020 season,” Doane said. “Our team’s very inspired by last season’s finish and are committed to contribute to the high school team. Our crew truly defines what a team is, and understands and knows how to make personal sacrifices to do what is best for the team.”

So far: 1-0 overall

Class 4A Tri-Peaks League

St. Mary’s Pirates

Coach: Brigid Jacques (third season)

Last season: 0-4, 0-3 league

Returning athletes: Caitlin Cairns, sr. (50, 100 freestyle, 100 butterfly).

Other top athletes: Morgan Hughes, so. (50 freestyle); Adelle Rank, so. (50 freestyle).

Season outlook: “Watching Caitlin Cairns (signed Nebraska class of 2024) redeem her past 3A state title in the 50 free and gain a title in the 100 fly or 100 free,” Jacques said when asked about the upcoming season.

Notes: Cairns is the lone senior on the Pirates team.

Note: Teams not listed did not report.


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