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District 49 announced Thursday the extension of their E-learning system to the remainder of the school year. The extension, which according to a statement does not completely rule out the possibility of classroom instruction, also does not affect athletics, according to D49 director of communications.

"I'd say we are in a bit of a holding pattern on athletics," said director of communications David Nancarrow. "(We are) tracking CHSAA's movements. CHSAA has not officially canceled the spring season yet, but could easily extend its current suspension of co-curricular athletics and activities in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency.”

Harrison District Two also announced it would extend remote learning until the end of the year, though there is no word on how the decision affects athletics. 

A call to district athletic director Dave Hogan Friday afternoon was not immediately returned.

In a statement released to parents, D49’s chief education officer Peter Hilts explained that while e-learning has been extended, the district will not completely ban in-person learning for now, stating that classroom instruction may be permitted under certain circumstances. Nancarrow expanded that statement to say the district’s decision on in-person instruction will also include athletics.

"If we can safely offer the option of some limited, in-person learning this year, it will be voluntary, not mandatory, and dependent on teacher availability," Hilt’s statement said. "Since e-learning will continue, that will be the main mode of schooling for teachers and students. If any in-person learning is allowed or offered, it would be supplemental only. Because in-person learning is an unknown possibility, we will wait to develop specific plans when we have additional community guidance."

Nancarrow said the district will continue to evaluate the situation with school leaders and athletic directors to "decide what best supports safety for our students and staff while we track and look for clarity from the state governing bodies."