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On Monday, Colorado High School Activities Association commissioner Rhonda Blanford-Green released a statement to member schools, announcing the association is open to "reconsidering" the 2020-21 sports calendar, which was announced in August.

The current sports calendar pushes most fall sports to the spring, and includes a moratorium on high school sports from Oct. 18, 2020 to Jan. 3, 2021.

"We continue to work collaboratively with our state, health and educational officials. We're monitoring information from other states to see if it's applicable to reconsiderations in Colorado,” the statement said. "Over the course of the past week, this has prompted conversations at the state level to see if some outdoor fall sports could resume under the state safety guidelines, including variances that would be needed to make this happen. We appreciate their willingness to keep the dialogue open.”

According to an email sent to member schools, Blanford-Green plans to meet with Gov. Jared Polis and his coronavirus response team this week. 

"The governor, his team and I will be meeting this week with a subsequent meeting scheduled with the CHSAA board of directors. My goal is to provide the membership with an update on or before 9/10," Blanford-Green said.

Protests are planned throughout Colorado to urge lawmakers and health officials to reconsider the current sports calendar as other state associations, school districts and conferences resume fall sports, namely football, through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last week, Michigan reversed its decision to move football to the spring, and announced practices may begin Sept. 8, with regular-season games starting Sept. 18. The state will host a six-game regular season.

Currently 18 state associations are committed to spring football, with 10 announcing official start dates, including Colorado. Eight state associations have yet to announce their plan for spring football.

A #LetCOPlay campaign began on Twitter last week, providing testimonials from athletes and parents about the pitfalls of moving the football season to spring, specifically for athletes hoping to be recruited.

“As a community, we want to do everything we can to make sure they have the opportunity to play this fall,” the website letcoplay.com states. “We recognize and accept that there are some risks involved. But we can make it work! Players are willing to take the pledge to practice and play safely. Families will cheer them on safely. We’ll wear masks. We’ll social distance. We’ll distribute hand sanitizer. We’ll do whatever it takes! Just #LetCOPlay!”

A protest, organized by the campaign, will be held Friday from noon to 2 p.m. at the El Paso County Commissioners office. Players from around the Pikes Peak region have pledged to attend and make their voices heard.

"In recent weeks, we have seen reconsideration at the association, school district and conference level regarding the resuming of fall sports, especially football," Blanford-Green said in the statement. "We also hear those who are advocating for a reconsideration of the 2020-21 sport calendar.”