Pueblo County residents need to note the health alert issued Thursday after mosquitoes there tested positive for West Nile virus — the first such cases in Colorado this year.

Heavy rains and high heat produced more mosquitoes, county health officials said.

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But no human cases of the virus have been reported in Colorado this year.

“It is important individuals take precautions to avoid mosquitoes and protect themselves from West Nile virus,” Chad Wolgram, of the Pueblo City-County Health Department, told KKTV.

Among suggested precautions: use insect repellent; wear long sleeves and pants; install or fix window and door screens; get rid of stagnant water around your home.

The virus risk might be slightly lower in El Paso County, said health official Michelle Hewitt. But birds spread the virus, so people who are outside a lot should take precautions.

El Paso County has had six human cases of the virus since 2014, compared to 532 statewide.

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