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Chiropractor Bonnie May provides Army wife Beth Takacs with a quick neck massage at a Military Spouse Appreciation Day event. Gazette file photo by Erin Prater.

Reiki, chiropractic care, herbalism, craniosacral therapy.

Some are inclined to call alternative healing modalities malarkey right off the bat. Others will hold off judgment. And then there are the staunch believers.

All are welcome at Essential Wellness Society’s free Holistic Health Fair on Sept. 14 at Ivywild School. The event caps off Local Holistic Health Week, observed Sept. 8- Sept. 14, with several events around town, including a health crawl around Old Colorado City on Sept. 11 and a health fair after-party at Yoga Studio Satya.

The fair will feature about 15 vendors providing information on advanced body work, such as somatic therapy, craniosacral therapy and life and nutritional coaching. There also will be swag bags, door prizes and multiple presentations about reiki, naturopathy, herbs and more. About 300 people showed up to last year’s event.

All of the aforementioned healing modalities can be filed under holistic health, which Master Herbalist Sarah Grant defines as something that creates peace in all aspects of our lives, including diet, lifestyle and emotional stability.

“If it moves you forward and helps you grow and be a better person, that’s holistic health,” said Grant, who owns A Garden of Healing, which sells herbal teas, tinctures and salves. “If we have more people in the community aware of holistic health, then our community will be better.”

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Holistic health sometimes comes saddled with a bad reputation, something Grant believes stems from practitioners who tell people their modality will heal everybody. That’s not the case. Every body heals in its own way. Some might benefit from using herbalism to calm stress and anxiety, while others will find yoga does the trick.

“Healing isn’t just one modality, it’s multiple,” she said. “If you learn about them and pick which one to try or use, that’s your own journey.”

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Contact the writer: 636-0270

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