By the time Marie Rush met Dr. Gary Moore, DDS, she had just about lost faith in dentists. “Right away I could tell he was different,” she said. “I’m glad I trusted him.”

It started in 2010, when Rush had a tooth removed and decided to replace it with a dental implant, which is inserted in the jaw to support a dental prosthesis. “It should have been a fairly simple procedure,” she said. Eighteen months and nearly $25,000 later, Rush had nothing to show but botched implants and unnecessary crowns, root canals, extractions and more from a handful of dentists and oral surgeons in Colorado Springs.

“I experienced it all: frustration, anger, pain,” she said. “Not to mention I was broke and I couldn’t eat solid food for about a year.” At one of her lowest points, a dentist accidentally glued Rush’s cheek to her gums trying to replace a crown. “I didn’t know how much more I could take at that point. No one seemed to know what they were doing.”

Rush now needed four or five possible implants and felt overwhelmed by the physical and financial burden, until she visited Stetson Hills Dental. “His staff was very kind and I felt comfortable there, it wasn’t just a sterile, medical environment. It was very homey and welcoming.”

With 30 years of dental implant experience, Dr. Moore is one of in Colorado Springs’ leading experts on the implant process. “I could tell he knew what he was talking about, versus other dentists I’d been to who never seemed to know what to do with me,” Rush said. “He was very confident and he listened to me and asked good questions.”

Less than five percent of the dental offices in Colorado Springs house the technology available to patients at Stetson Hills Dental, including a 3D CAT scanner. “This helps us determine the most appropriate placement for implants in our patients,” Dr. Moore said. “It also saves our patients time and money, since they don’t have to go anywhere else for necessary scans.”

The team at Stetson Hills Dental has provided patients of all ages and backgrounds with dental implants, from teenagers with sports injuries to seniors with decayed teeth. Patients can either receive individual implants to replace single, missing teeth, or they can opt for an implant that will anchor a removable denture for an entire set of teeth.

“The benefits of implants are extensive,” Dr. Moore said. “It’s a great long-term solution that helps patients avoid embarrassment or frustrations with missing teeth or slippery dentures.”

Dental implantation is an out-patient procedure that typically takes less than one hour. Healing time varies between patients, but typically takes between three and four months for individual implants and four to six months for denture implants.

Stetson Hills Dental offers dental implantation at both 5910 Stetson Hills Boulevard, #110 and at the Star Dental Institute, 2620 Tenderfoot Hill Street, #210. “We have own in-house lab and can build a denture in one day, which also saves patients time and money,” Dr. Moore said.

Rush, now 54, received five implants in her lower jaw at Stetson Hills Dental and has not experienced any complications. “I can’t tell you what a relief it’s been,” she said. “I healed quickly and can eat anything I want again; I had really missed steak.”

Not only did Dr. Moore and Stetson Hills Dental help Rush recover physically, they worked with her financially to make sure her implants were affordable. “They were very gracious with me and made sure I was comfortable with everything,” she said. “The best part is I actually got what I was paying for this time. The investment was absolutely worth it.


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