The Fix Colorado Roads coalition wasted no time following Gov. John Hickenlooper's State of the State address to commend his call for actually fixing roads, including a nod of approval from Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers.

An email from group said mayors representing the congested north and south I-25 corridors commended the governor for addressing one of the state's most vexing issues - fixing Colorado's roads by finding reliable funding sources for transportation. "This is fundamental to accelerate critical transportation projects throughout the state, including the expansion of I-25," the coalition said.

"The need for reliable transportation funding sources is supported by data. State demographers estimate that Colorado's population will soar to 7.8 million by 2040, an increase of 2.3 million from 2015. This boom in population is outstripping the capacity of our existing roads and bridges, thus significantly increasing travel times while decreasing Coloradans' quality of life," the group's email said.

The coalition's email quoted Suthers as saying, "The free flow of commerce and alleviation of congestion between Denver and Colorado Springs on I-25 is essential to our citizen's safety, quality of life and economic well-being. The time to act is now. Our challenge is shared by our friends in northern Colorado, along the I-70 Mountain corridor, and every part of our state. We stand with these leaders to find a statewide transportation funding and finance solution. I commend our policymakers and the governor, in working collaboratively to find a sustainable solution. They have my support."

And here's Fort Collins Mayor Wade Troxell:

"Interstate 25 is vital to economic prosperity in Northern Colorado. It's also a source of increasing tension and stress for our region's commuters. While congestion along North I-25 frustrates drivers, the loss in revenue to our local businesses is very real. With anticipated population growth, the issue will only get worse. We cannot sit back and wait. I am encouraged by the Governor's call to action today; he has the support of the people of Northern Colorado in working toward a 2017 solution."

Fix Colorado Roads includes business leaders and local government officials from across the state who, according to is press statement, "are dedicated to finding a permanent and reliable fund for transportation projects and improvements. The organization and its members are dedicated to working with lawmakers this legislative session to ensure the topic does not go unresolved." The group is coordinated by veteran Capitol lobbyist Sandra Hagen Solin.

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