Local officials plan to meet again to review processes and building codes regarding accessibility in the region, said Colorado Springs planning and development director Peter Wysocki.

Wysocki, who heads a working group created to review accessibility, said discussions at the first meeting, on Sept. 15, focused primarily on private development. Alternatives were reviewed but no decisions were made. The next meeting has not been scheduled, he said, but the hope is that the working group will meet in the next 45 days, if not sooner.

Some of the items discussed at the meeting, according to Wysocki:

- The responsibility of public agencies, design professionals and contractors in reviewing accessibility standards;

- Ways to provide more information to contractors and property owners;

- Creating a certification process to ensure a site meets requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act at the end of construction;

If changes are proposed, Wysocki said the group plans to discuss them with representatives from the construction and design industry and The Independence Center, a Colorado Springs-based organization that advocates for people with disabilities.

The formation of the working group came after a Gazette investigation found that years of negligence and a lack of oversight in Colorado Springs and El Paso County left area communities with inaccessible buildings and pathways.


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