Over the past year, Colorado Springs has enacted several new laws and rules on how and where the homeless can stay.

In July, the City Council approved a ban on camping within 100 feet of city waterways and concrete drainage canals. The new ordinance was mired in debates over how to maintain local streams and creeks and concerns that it targets the homeless.

Violators would get written warnings for a first infraction, and those remaining after 24 hours will be ticketed. Violators could face up to $2,500 in fines and six months in jail.

Then, early this year, the council approved another ordinance banning recreational vehicles from parking on any public rights-of-way other than what is necessary to load and unload passengers and property.

That new law takes effect June 1. First offenses net a $25 fine; second offenses, $100; and third offenses, $125. Four tickets will result in a court summons.

City officials have said they plan to aggressively enforce camping bans this year. That shift comes after they helped spur an increase in shelter beds to ensure that the homeless have other places to stay. 


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