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It's about you and your law enforcement-related career goals when it comes to Signal 88 Security. Signal 88 could be the steppingstone for you to take that next leap in your job growth. Are you that person who is ready to go above and beyond to provide physical security to someone or someone's property?

Signal 88 Security has positions available for executive protection and event security. That includes patrol officers for day and night shifts and an administrative/sales assistant. Signal 88 Security is all about training its employees to effectively serve their clients. The training that is provided includes weapons and surveillance.

Gazette's Eric Singer is talking with a representative of Signal 88 Security who needs you now, if this is the career you want. Learn all about it in our exclusive Get a Job Monday segment only on

If you'd like to apply to Signal 88 Security, email or call the office at 719-960-6233.

If you are looking for other careers in the Pikes Peak area, email This email goes straight to experts with the Pikes Peak Workforce Center to help you keep your career on track.

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